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"Coaching with Thea allowed me to step
more into my power, really becoming
aware of what my unique gifts are and
how I can now give them to the world 
in my new career."

- Angelo Giordano
Life Coach
  "Thea helped me establish my self-empowered footing so 
I could confidently implement my new career path. I am very grateful for her assistance.

— Krista Stanley, Ph.D.
Trance Medium, Healer
"After coaching with Thea I feel like I can 
take strides into more daring places 
because now I have an empowered sense of confidence in my own abilities.

— Ynyra O'Shea
Dan Lok
Joseph Marfoglio
Rachel Pedersen
Katie Huber
Eileen Wilder
Edward Tang
Annie Grace
Dana Derricks

Hi I'm Thea Litsios

I help people like you, who are ready to have the career of your dreams; a career born out of the deepest wishes of your soul. It is a career that is meaningful, fulfilling and springs from your inner knowing and intuition. I help you tap into your unique gifts, so you can bring them out into the world. My clients are finding meaning in their careers in ways they never thought possible. 

I have spent many years in careers that I loved, and some I did not, but I was always seeking that perfect combination that would make me able to say, “I am finally home.” I have found that in life coaching, hypnotism and teaching Active Dreaming.

After over 25 years in a photography career, both as a photojournalist with the Los Angeles Times and a portrait photographer, I found that I was wanting something more. At the time I was uncertain of what that “more” was, but I knew I would search until I found it.

My own search took me down many different roads. I have now spent over 10 years teaching Active Dreaming, as created by Robert Moss. My search also led me to become a certified consulting hypnotist, which I have now been practicing for 6 years. The last piece that brought everything together was to become a life coach in 2020. This unique combination of life coaching, hypnotism and Active Dreaming allows me to work with my clients from the inside out, as they search and ultimately discover their own dream career.

I am familiar with that yearning for a career that has deeper meaning and lights you up each day, instead of making you feel as if you are just going through the motions. It can be challenging when you are in a career that is well established, successful and even lucrative to begin the process of asking “Is this all there is?” If you find yourself asking this question about your own career, I am here to help you discover your own dream career.

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